• Target amount 254,237
  • Recruitment amount 862,237
  • Current investment stage pre-A
  • company lim play-on
  • BService Name playon casino game platform
  • Registration Date 2022-01-21 04:12:39
  • Target amount 1,271,186
  • Recruitment amount 424,246
  • Current investment stage 씨앗
  • company limited by shares 리스타트
  • BService Name 리스타트/Restart
  • Registration Date 2022-07-11 12:38:44


  • Target amount 847,458
  • Recruitment amount 0
  • Current investment stage Seed
  • individual Flexp2p
  • BService Name Virtual real estate.
  • Registration Date 2022-01-21 16:14:31

End of recruitment

  • Target amount 50,847,458
  • Recruitment amount 281
  • Current investment stage pre-A
  • company lim WISCONSIN EK
  • BService Name 위스콘신 주립대학교
  • Registration Date 2022-01-19 08:52:13

precautions in investment

This investment product is a friend recommendation investment product sold by KHAN.Friends' recommendation investment products are not products under current financial laws. KHAN does not invite customers to invest directly. KHAN recommends that investors check the information provided by KHAN and invest in their own judgment. This product may cause principal loss, even though it has various protective devices.This investment product can be withdrawn early; therefore, in the event of an early withdrawal, the principal of the investment is paid to the investors and paid based on the market price of the cryptocurrency when investing.Customer repayment payments take seven days from 28 days, and no proceeds from repayment to payment date are incurred.All repayments will be paid in currency (cryptocurrency) at the time of investment.